The Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment (CDRA) Survey for CLUP Preparation

The Climate and Disaster

Risk Assessment (CDRA) Survey is one of the initiatives of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator in coordination with the Office of the Municipal Disaster and Risk Reduction in updating the Comprehensive Land Use Plan of Balayan. Employees from various Departments of the Municipality serve as enumerators for the survey.

This survey will allow the collection of the necessary data on disaster, with emphasis on the identification of households that are at risk and vulnerable to hazards. With the use of a GPS device, structures used for dwelling, commercial, and other activities could be identified and mapped. Mapping these structures will allow the identification of a house’s location and whether they are exposed to landslide, flood, storm-surge, and any other hazards.

Apart from the household survey, barangay officials are also given a questionnaire consisting of questions on the occurrence of hazards and the extent of the damage to their area.

The gathered information will then be checked and encoded to derive the necessary data needed by the Municipality to effectively formulate its Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment. This will then be incorporated into the Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

Starting on February of this year, enumerators have already surveyed 8 barangays, including Baclaran, Carenahan, Patugo, Sucol, Calan, Lucban, Palikpikan, and Dalig. As of this writing, enumerators are on the preliminary stage of surveying the households of Barangay Tanggoy. When the survey ends, enumerators will then proceed to the next Barangay to speed up the data collection phase.

Currently, surveys are being delayed due to extreme rains brought by the monsoon weather.

The MPDC expects the survey to end by December 2019.