The word “Balayan” came from the word  BA-I  or  balai  which   means house  in  Sri- Visayan  dialect.   Later the  Filipino  suffix  “an”   was   added, thus  the  word  Balayan  was coined. This can also  mean  a  group  of houses  or  settlement.   During   the early  days,  the  natives  used  to construct   their    houses    on stilts above the waters of Balayan Bay. Historians believed that Balayan is the center of the ancient powerful kingdom of MA-I.

The Municipality of Balayan is a 1st class Municipality in the Province of Batangas. From 3rd class municipality in 1992, Balayan jumped to 2nd class municipality in 1995, and to 1st class in July of 1996. The financial status of Balayan has been continuously improving through the constant effort of the present administration.

In view of the Batangas Province’s industrialization and the Municipality’s vision to be an agri-industrial community. Balayan contributed to the realization of development programs with CALABARZON’s objectives.

The presence of sugar central  that process the main agricultural product is a well-blended combination of agriculture and industry. It boost the role the Municipality as an agri-based industrial center.

So, agriculture and industry have traditionally been viewed as two separate sectors both in terms of their characteristics and their role in economic growth. Agriculture has been considered the hallmark of the first stage of development, while the degree of industrialization has been taken to be the most relevant indicator of a town’s progress along the development path.

Sugarcane is not only the commodity being processed. Fish resources are being processed as  Bagoong Balayan which is a delicacy in carrying the name of the Municipality worldwide. Other natural products are being manufactured as cottage handicrafts and items.

As a whole Balayan is always on the path of development. Historically the municipality has grown and developed attuned to the needs of times with utmost consideration of the welfare of its populace and its environment for an environmentally sound and sustained development.

Geographic Location

Balayan is located at geographic coordinate’s 14° 53 latitude and 120 °43 longitude. It is bounded on the north by the municipality of Tuy; on the east by municipality of Calaca; on the south by the Balayan Bay and on the west by the municipality of Calatagan and Lian.

It is about 107 km from Manila via the scenic route through Tagaytay Ridge & about 48 km. from Batangas City, the capital of the province. It is also accessible from all points via the Balayan Bay on the southern side of the municipality.

It is a  lowland town in the western region of Batangas and the centermost town of the first district of the province.