Municipality Rapid Pass System is a system use to fast track movement and access not only at the designated checkpoints but also at essential establishments allowed to operate under the General Community Quarantine (e.g. pharmacies, markets, banks, food chains and etc.).

Main purpose of this Municipal Rapid Pass is to provide contact tracing for the Municipality and Barangays. Through the use of this system we can limit the people who enters in the Municipality and Barangays depending on their declared purposes. The Accredited flontliners and authorized personnel can simply flash their Unique QR Code in the ID and scanned by the designated officer/person, reducing unnecessary physical contact. This QR Code will serve as an identifier if the MRP ID presented is genuine and not fake.

Right now Quarantine Pass is the only tool and way to identify the movement of the person entering the vicinity, which can easily copy and recreate by someone who attempts to enter the municipality and barangays without authorization. Issuance is also costly by printing tons of copies since the validity of it is only 1 day. Since Quarantine Pass is manually monitored it is hard to extract information once contact tracing required.

Unlike with MRP we can easily extract information, monitor the movements, less costly since the validity of issued ID is set longer than the QP and can simply recognize the authenticity of the Pass through the provided QR Code. 

The Software Development Team will provide a system for registering and monitoring of MRP to the Municipality, Barangays and other establishments.