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Balayan is a 1st class municipality in the 1st District of Batangas cradling both flourishing agricultural and industrial communities. The town is constituted of 48 barangays with a population of 81,805 according to 2010 census. The typically hot weather in Balayan is accounted to its generally flat topography as reflected in its average annual temperature which is 27.2 °C.

Its colorful history is a huge chunk of the ancient years of Batangas province as it is the first municipality and the first province in the Southern Tagalog region. Balayan was the seat of government for 151 years before it was moved to Taal then later on to Batangas City.

Although modernization is widely embraced, Balayan had kept the important parcels of the past, most of which are still existing in the present times such as the ancestral houses of the town’s prominent clans, the Immaculate Conception Parish Church which is a National Cultural Treasure, and one of the most celebrated festivals in the Philippines – Parada ng Lechon – which depicts the old thanksgiving custom in the Kanluran district.

But if you try to look for lechon stalls around town, you won’t really see one as it is not Balayan’s main product. Try searching for bagoong Balayan instead which the town is known for producing.

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